what are betty getaways?

Hi, I’m Larry, also known as “LarBear” to my family, friends, and clients. I started Betty Getaways because I’m seriously passionate about helping women learn how to explore the outdoors safelywhile having fun! Join me on exciting trips where I teach you the essentials of outdoor safety, using the latest technology and techniques! We’ll learn how to conquer any obstacle on your trip, so you can get back to the thrills. I also teach professional level skills like rock climbing, wilderness survival, and back country navigation to beginners. My approach is based on a combination of military experience and my many, many years cultivating an understanding and love of the outdoors.


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You need to know the basics before you leap into the wilderness. Living out of a backpack can be challenging, and nature doesn’t forgive when you’re unprepared.

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We teach you how to prepare, physically and mentally, to plan, pack, notify, go, andmost importantlymake it back!

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My approach in preparing you for your first adventure is progression-driven. Each skill in this approach builds on what we did 10 minutes ago or the day prior.

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meet larry the bear

My name is Larry Finan, I am the owner of Betty Getaways. My story in the outdoors begins over 40 years ago. Growing up in Northern Idaho during the 70’s and 80’s, there wasn’t all of the electronic, or social media distractions we encounter today.

My parents (probably looking for a break) took me and my siblings on family and group camping every summer all over North Idaho from as far back as I can remember. As we got older some of the adventures grew from dirt roads and primitive car camping, to canoe trips, cub/boy scout/explorer camp outs (summer and winter), and backpacking 50 miles or longer. It was through these first experiences my love of the outdoors and back country began.


I took your basic Rock Climbing Rescue Class, and wanted to thank you for providing such a great learning opportunity. I have been rock climbing for a number of years, but before taking this class. I had no idea some of the things that could go wrong or how to get my self out of a bad situation. I had no idea how complex the topic or rope rescue was and I felt you did a fantastic job teaching me the important things while not letting us be bogged down with the details or things we could practice at home.

You also did a nice job introducing safely procedures and practices, which would help in preventing common errors. Thank you again for a great day!


Hi Larry,

Thanks for such a great class and being there to help me learn to how to ride my Mountain Bicycle off road this last weekend. I really appreciate your willingness completely rearranged your plans for the class and, after asking me a few questions about my goals, tailoring the class around me.

I also really enjoyed the offered suggestions where needed, but also your recognizing my success’s as the day progressed. This experience really helped me enjoy myself on the bike that much more.



Thank you again for scheduling a last minute family class before our backpacking trip on the JMT. Your instruction on the Delorme InReach Locator/GPS was really easy to understand, in comparison to learning how to use it through the owners manual. We feel so much more confident and also really appreciated your tips on using it with our smart phone as well as using it with a map. Thank you so much.



A big “thank you” for the rock climbing and rappel session yesterday!! This was exactly what I needed to feel confident about my canyoning trip next week! I also appreciated the hand-out you emailed me about setting up an autoblock. I’ve made an additional copy and will make sure to have one handy. After all of the practice on the single static rope yesterday, I’m very confident using it in the event conditions warrant. Great meeting you!



Thank you so much for teaching me how to use my Garmin Oregon GPS. If it hadn’t been for your patience and encouraging me to use it on our trip….I would have felt like I wasted so much money on an electronic device I didn’t understand. You are and will be my one stop for future navigation and adventure trips.